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    Control Z My Life | AwesomeCast 647

    July 11th, 2023  |  56 mins 48 secs
    barbenheimer, electric sleep masks, ezcast ultra, fire tv cube, ios 17 preview feature watch, meta's threads, miracast, zooaux usb c to usb adapter

    Welcome to the AwesomeCast podcast! In this episode, we dive into the excitement of Prime Day, exploring the impressive features of the Fire TV Cube and Electric Sleep Masks. We also discuss the intriguing Barbenheimer event and share our insights on Meta's Threads, a new social media app designed for Twitter users. Additionally, we provide an exclusive preview of iOS 17 and highlight the remarkable capabilities of a wireless touchscreen when combined with MiraCast, ZOOAUX USB C to USB Adapter, and EZCast Ultra. Don't miss out on our tech-filled discussions! Subscribe to the AwesomeCast podcast at or find us on the Sorgatron Media Podcast Network Feed at

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    Pulling the Threads | AwesomeCast 646

    July 5th, 2023  |  55 mins 15 secs
    $400 bumblebee robot, ai money-making for a porn star, chatgpt ai in google search, disillusionment with twitter after rate limit gate., hello kitty swag from walmart, threads by meta release

    Welcome to the "AwesomeCast" podcast, your go-to source for tech news from Pittsburgh! Join hosts Katie and Sorg as they discuss the latest in technology. From quirky Hello Kitty swag to experimenting with ChatGPT AI in Google searches, they cover it all. Tune in as they explore a $400 Bumblebee robot's impressive moves, a porn star's AI venture, and the release of Threads by Meta. They also delve into the disillusionment with Twitter after Rate Limit Gate. Stay informed and entertained with "AwesomeCast" as they bring you the hottest tech stories from the Steel City!

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    AwesomeCast 645: The Booty Constellation

    June 27th, 2023  |  52 mins 28 secs
    aaa gas calculator, adobe, animal crossing, apple arcade, charging pki, community, cost calculators, hello kitty, hills food truck, infrastructure reliability, june bo├Âtid meteor shower, mattel adventure park, nacs connector, pa turnpike calculator, pittsburgh, podcast enhance, reddit blackout, sae international, tech, travel
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    Bing You Hard | AwesomeCast 644

    June 20th, 2023  |  57 mins 56 secs
    ai-generated content, computer-animated movie styles, dell ultrasharp 40 curved wuhd monitor, mcdonald's grimace game boy color game, rural internet access grants, youtube eligibility requirements

    Join us on this episode of the Chat GPT Podcast as we discuss a range of exciting topics. We explore Sorg's experience with the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD Monitor and dive into the fascinating advances in computer-animated movie styles. We also cover McDonald's surprise release of a Grimace Game Boy Color game and the Biden administration's $930 million grants for rural internet access. Plus, we delve into the use of AI in content creation and YouTube's new eligibility requirements for creators. Don't miss out! Subscribe to the podcast at

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    An Optimus Prime For Every Occasion | AwesomeCast 643

    June 13th, 2023  |  55 mins 25 secs
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news
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    AwesomeCast 642: Apple Vision CPAP

    June 6th, 2023  |  1 hr 5 mins
    8bitdo xbox licensed arcade stick, apple vision pro, area 51, autodrive challenge ii, awesomecast, baja sae oregon, camera, contact cards, executive producer, facebook, facebook group, goo, ios 17, las vegas, live show, m2 mac pro, mac mini studio, medbridge go for patients app, meow wolf omega mart, patreon, phone, physical therapy, podcast, remote, sidekick media services, slice on broadway, sorgatron media, sorgatron media twitch., stickers, street fighter 6, support, wwdc, youtube
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    AwesomeCast 641: Abandoned Dinosaur Park

    May 23rd, 2023  |  1 hr 5 mins
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news
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    Letting The Tech Vampire In | AwesomeCast 640

    May 16th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    In this week's episode, we cover a range of topics, including the Pennsylvania Primaries, Bird Buddy (a device that feeds birds and uses AI for identification), Passion Planner Digital, awareness for Tourettes, AI chatbot for Wendy's drive-thru, interacting with characters through, Gling AI for video editing, Telly's offer of free TVs for watching ads, uninstalling COVID exposure notification apps, and the removal of Facebook Messenger app from Apple Watch. Join us for the latest updates and discussions on the AwesomeCast Podcast!

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    Dare to Dream a Rock Star Dream | Episode 639

    May 9th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins
    applewatch, awesomecast, bajasaeoshkosh, briancrawford, cameras, discussion, facebookgroup, finalcutpro, guitarbar, indiegogo, ipad, kickstarter, liveshow, logicpro, music, nutsmasher, patreon, podcast, rockdreamer, sidekickmediaservices, sliceonbroadway, technology, twitch, updates, youtube

    In this week's episode, Dudders and Sorg share their muddy experience at the Baja SAE Oshkosh in Wisconsin and discuss new camera and Apple Watch uses for video and photography. Apple has announced that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on iPad for a monthly/yearly fee. The hosts also talk about a Kickstarter project for a durable and funny silicone nutcracker called Nut Smasher. Later in the episode, Aurelio Sablone joins to discuss his upcoming IndieGoGo project, the Rockdreamer GuitarBar, which helps people get started playing the guitar quickly. Listeners can sign up for updates on the campaign at The episode ends with information on how to subscribe to the AwesomeCast podcast and support the show at

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    The Ultimate Reverse Uno Card | Episode 638

    May 2nd, 2023  |  1 hr 37 secs
    anthonymackey, asusrogally, g1, gaming, gamingedgestrykerdock, imageediting, lifesizegundam, macos, mustshoptv, nikonz6ii, nintendoswitch, peacock, photography, retrogaming, rockpaperscissors, samoajoe, sickday, transformers, twistedmetal, youtube

    In this episode, we cover a variety of news topics ranging from entertainment to technology. We discuss how watching Transformers G1 on YouTube can be a great way to pass the time when you're sick. Additionally, we explore Dudders' new camera, the Nikon z 6 II, and the Asus ROG Ally gaming handheld. We also take a look at Peacock's new series Twisted Metal, which features Anthony Mackey and Samoa Joe. Peacock has also launched "Must ShopTV," allowing users to shop products from content. We discuss a Life-Size Gundam hosting a rock-paper-scissors tournament and the GamingEdge Stryker Dock, which provides additional ports for the Nintendo Switch. Finally, we share some retro gaming goodness and a hot tip for removing image backgrounds on macOS in seconds.

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    A Rapid Unscheduled Deassembly | Episode 637

    April 25th, 2023  |  56 mins 22 secs
    awesomecast, capcut workflow, cloud, dave podnar, debris, dust, efficiency, generative ai features, hosts, iphone, katie dudders, mac, michael sorg, opera one, pittsburgh marathon app, productivity, spacex starship launch, spacex., steam, tech news, texas, trends, untitled goose game, video editing tool

    Welcome to the latest episode of AwesomeCast, where we dive into the latest and greatest tech news and trends. Join hosts Katie Dudders, Dave Podnar, and Michael Sorg as they explore a range of interesting topics.

    In this episode, Dudders shares her experience playing the popular game "Untitled Goose Game" on Steam, while Podnar talks about how he's using the Pittsburgh Marathon app to stay updated on the latest news and events related to the marathon. Sorg also shares his brand new CapCut workflow between Mac, iPhone, and the cloud, and our hosts discuss the benefits of using this powerful video editing tool.

    Next up, our hosts talk about Opera One, a new browser that's designed for generative AI features. They explore how they've been using the browser and share their experiences of responding to articles as a grumpy cat.

    In the next segment, our hosts discuss how they're using AI in their daily workflows, and how it has impacted their productivity and efficiency.

    Finally, the hosts explore the recent SpaceX Starship launch that went wrong, leaving a Texas town covered in debris and dust. They share their thoughts on what might have gone wrong and what SpaceX could have done differently.

    Join us for this exciting episode and stay tuned for more awesome tech news and trends.

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    AwesomeCast Special: Super Nintendo World

    April 18th, 2023  |  27 mins 23 secs
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    The latest episode of the podcast "AwesomeCast Special" features a discussion about Super Nintendo World, a new theme park attraction based on Nintendo's iconic video game franchise. The hosts discuss the various attractions and features of the park, including its immersive environments, interactive experiences, and character appearances. They also speculate about the potential impact of Super Nintendo World on the theme park industry and the broader gaming community. The episode provides a detailed and entertaining overview of this exciting new addition to the world of entertainment.

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    Everyone Likes To Put Tech In Their Sack | AwesomeCast 636

    April 11th, 2023  |  55 mins 27 secs
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    The hosts of the AwesomeCast podcast discuss various topics in their latest episode, including their visit to a paranormal convention, a ghost-hunting app, a Tech Sack for keeping tech gadgets safe, a double-decker catering bus called Blanket and Board, and an upcoming event called RustBuilt and XChangePGH. They also talk about the state of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast at and join the discussion on the AwesomeCast Facebook Group. The show is supported by and special thanks are given to Executive Producer Brian Crawford.

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    Video Game Tax Prep | AwesomeCast 635

    March 28th, 2023  |  1 hr 3 mins
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    In the latest episode of "AwesomeCast," the hosts discuss the topic of video game tax preparation. They provide useful information for streamers, content creators, and gamers who earn income from their activities and need to file taxes. The hosts cover a range of topics, including deductions, record-keeping, and the tax implications of different types of income. They also highlight the importance of consulting with a tax professional and keeping up-to-date with relevant tax laws and regulations. The episode offers practical advice and valuable insights for those navigating the complexities of video game tax preparation.

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    The Farting Electric Car | Episode 634

    March 21st, 2023  |  53 mins 32 secs
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    The latest episode of "AwesomeCast" features a discussion of a new electric car that uses farting noises to communicate with pedestrians. The hosts explore the humorous and unconventional approach to vehicle sound design and consider the implications of using fart sounds in a public space. They also delve into other topics related to electric cars, including battery technology, charging infrastructure, and the future of transportation. The episode provides an entertaining and informative look at the latest trends and innovations in the world of electric vehicles.

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    Don't Bing Yourself Too Hard | AwesomeCast 633

    March 14th, 2023  |  53 mins 32 secs
    pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech news

    In the latest episode of "AwesomeCast," the hosts discuss the topic of online reputation management and offer tips for monitoring and improving one's digital presence. They cover a range of strategies, including monitoring search results, managing social media accounts, and creating positive content to counteract negative results. They also explore the potential dangers of relying too heavily on online search results and the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective. The episode provides practical advice and insights for anyone looking to manage their online reputation and build a positive digital brand.