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Magic Mountains. Magic Satellite of Internets. | AwesomeCast 684

May 1st, 2024

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Hosted by Mike Sorg in the Sorgatron Media studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Co-host Katie Dudas, fresh from a California trip, joins the discussion.

Travel and Amusement Park Experience

Both hosts recently visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, enjoying various rides and sharing their experiences of the thrill rides and their operational status.

Gadgets and Products Discussed

Owala Water Bottle:

Unique features include a flip-up handle and a button-activated opening to avoid touching the mouthpiece, which is beneficial for hygiene.

It functions both as a straw water bottle and an open cup without the risk of spills.

Insulated design keeps water cold for an extended period.

Available in various colors, making it customizable for household use.

Starlink Internet:

Tested in the California desert, proving useful for remote internet access.

Mention of multiple Starlink setups seen at the event, suggesting a sponsored or coordinated effort to provide internet.

Discussion on the reliability of Starlink for streaming and potential issues with physical obstructions and handling by other people at the venue.

Tech Tips and Tricks

Discussion on the utility of Apple Watch's walkie-talkie feature during trips.

Tips on posting across multiple social platforms efficiently using Facebook's cross-posting feature to manage content on Instagram and Threads.

Warning about new stringent measures on Facebook regarding image usage and the importance of crediting the source, even when images are from platforms like Canva.

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