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Run, Casters! Run! | AwesomeCast 685:

May 7th, 2024

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Sorg, Chilla and Dave Podnar are here and some of them have sore legs…

Apple iPad Announcements:

New iPad Models: Released iPad Air and Pro models featuring the new M4 chip, enhancing performance and integrating AI features.

Accessories Compatibility Issues: Some old accessories don't work with new iPads due to redesigns, particularly magnetic alignment issues.

New Keyboard: Lighter with better floating functionality but incompatible with prior iPads due to magnetic differences.

Apple Pencil: The new Pencil supports innovative hover and squeeze features, allowing users to paint or select without touching the screen.

Final Cut Pro 2 & Logic: New versions designed with improved AI and Pro features, including advanced video editing and audio separation.

Camera Apps:

Final Cut Camera App: Enables live multicam switching with four iPhones, making it ideal for live production with control over zoom, ISO, and focus.

Blackmagic Camera App: Expanding to Android, allowing better video recording on a range of devices.

Pittsburgh Marathon:

Relay Team Participation:

The hosts shared personal experiences of joining the Pittsburgh Marathon via a relay team. The various segments included scenic routes, bridges, and iconic city landmarks.

Despite limited training, the camaraderie and supportive environment made it a memorable event.

Tech Integration:

Tracking apps helped monitor team progress, paces, and location of participants.

Additional Tidbits:

The podcast hosts discussed the importance of exercise for space missions, particularly on the moon, where innovative running solutions are needed to compensate for low gravity.

The team hinted at potential tech-related challenges for future moon exercises.

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