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Revving Up Tech: From Google I/O to Formula SAE | AwesomeCast 686

May 15th, 2024

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Sorg, Chilla and Dave Podnar are here and some of them have sore legs…

Formula SAE International Combustion (IC) Event:

Coverage of the internal combustion event, with plans for a future exclusive electric vehicle (EV) event.

Mention of the involvement of students and volunteers in designing, building, and raising funds for their vehicles.

Highlights of the endurance race and the high participation rate compared to previous years.

Notable performance by the Brazilian team, securing first place in design and a top-five overall finish.

Google I/O Highlights:

Discussion on Project Astra, an early version of Google’s universal assistant powered by DeepMind AI.

Demonstration of the assistant’s ability to recognize and interact with objects in real-time using a smartphone camera.

AI advancements in identifying objects and providing contextual information.

Concerns about AI integration in search results and its impact on web traffic and information accuracy.

OpenAI GPT-4.0 Update:

Introduction of GPT-4.0 (omni), capable of handling text, audio, and image inputs and outputs.

Practical applications and improvements in AI interactions.

Potential collaboration between OpenAI and Apple for integrating AI functionalities into iOS.

Google Glass and Meta's Ray-Ban Smart Glasses:

Comparison of Google’s updated glasses with Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Features include built-in cameras and voice assistants.

Emphasis on the seamless integration of AI and smart glasses for enhanced user experiences.

Microsoft Co-Pilot:

Explanation of Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, integrating AI into enterprise solutions.

Benefits of having AI manage and process data locally on devices.

Importance of maintaining data privacy and security in enterprise environments.

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