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Neuro Spicy | AwesomeCast 683

April 24th, 2024

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Disneyland and Star Wars Night

Disneyland Experience: The hosts share their experiences from their recent trip to Disneyland, focusing particularly on Star Wars Night, which included building custom lightsabers and participating in themed events.

Merchandise and Activities: Katie discusses her experience building a custom lightsaber, describing the process and her choice of a purple lightsaber to match her favorite color. She also details the thematic elements and the immersive experience at Galaxy’s Edge.

Event Participation and Marathon Discussion

Marathon Participation: Dave talks about his involvement in the Pittsburgh Marathon and the logistics of participating in such events.

Charity and Community Engagement: Discussion on supporting various causes through marathon participation, including fundraising links and community support.

Sorg has hands on setting up a Starlink satellite internet system for an upcoming project

Delta Emulator on iOS!

Poetry Camera prints AI poetry from images

Potties for Boston Marathon 

OpenAI makes ChatGPT ‘more direct, less verbose’ 

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