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Lending Apple a Cup of AI | AwesomeCast 680

March 27th, 2024

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Announcement:

Discussion on the announcement dates for WWDC (June 10th through 14th).

Speculation about new operating systems, potential hardware updates, and the focus on AI.

Thoughts on Apple's approach to AI and machine learning, with expectations of significant announcements.

Apple's Monopoly Allegations:

Debate on whether Apple's practices could be considered monopolistic.

Comparison to other companies and discussion on market share.

Thoughts on the legal and regulatory landscape for tech companies.

Personal Technology Updates:

Discussion on experiences with upgrading Mac OS, including benefits and challenges.

Dave shares his perspective on the importance of timely updates and the impact on professional work.

Apple AirPods Pro:

Review and personal experiences with the new AirPods Pro, highlighting noise cancellation and spatial audio features.

Comparison with previous versions and the utility of new features in real-life scenarios.

Hot dog topped with pierogies and pickles coming to PNC Park

Canva and Affinity to merge

We compare Affinity and Canva to Adobe’s offerings

Twitter traking a runner making history

Podnar shares the #smalleuropeanwoman race craze!

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