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AI Alliances and Charging Solutions | AwesomeCast 679

March 20th, 2024

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Katie Dudas talks about her recent trip and experiences, including surviving a desert outing and dealing with travel changes due to weather.

Tech Gadgets and Updates:

Discussion on a new travel charger that supports MagSafe and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Katie shares her positive experience with the product during her travels.

Introduction of Countdown Buddy, an app that creates countdown widgets for upcoming events. The free version allows for one event, while the paid version offers unlimited events and customization.

Highlight of Nvidia’s showcase involving AI-powered robots demonstrated at the GTC conference, related to Project Groot.

AI and Tech Collaborations:

Speculation on Apple teaming up with Google for AI model Gemini, potentially influencing future iOS features and default search engine settings.

Discussion on the impact of Gemini AI on personal organization and the possibility of integrating AI into various aspects of iOS, enhancing user experience.

Entertainment and Media:

Sorg shares his rediscovery of the 2012 Ninja Turtles cartoon on Paramount Plus, discussing its appeal and content.

Introduction of the "Squirrel with a Gun" game, noted for its surprising violence despite the cute protagonist.

Brief mention of Disney experiences and updates, including trips to Epcot and Disneyland.

Miscellaneous Discussions:

Mention of various personal experiences with technology in daily life, such as the use of QR codes in doctor's offices for accessing digital magazines.

Discussion on the usefulness and implementation of AI in daily tasks, including a bike danger detection system.

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