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Apple Intelligence + AI Art Study with Chris Maverick | AwesomeCast 689

June 10th, 2024

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Join our cohosts Michael Sorg and Dave Podnar as they delve into the latest tech news and gadgets from the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). This episode features special guest Chris Maverick from VoxPopCast, who brings his expertise in digital narrative and interactive design to the table. Get ready for an engaging discussion on Apple's latest announcements, AI advancements, and much more!

Episode Highlights:

WWDC 2024 Overview:

    Craig Federighi's Stunt Double and Executives Skydiving: An entertaining start to the presentation with Apple executives performing parkour and skydiving.

    Home Screen Customization: Users can now leave spaces open on the grid and tint their screens for a personalized look.

    Control Center Updates: Multi-page Control Center for enhanced customization.

    App Locking Feature: Ability to lock specific apps using Face ID, Touch ID, or a password for added security.

    Trail Mapping in Maps: Offline trail maps for national parks and custom trail creation for hikers.

    Advanced Photo Features: AI-powered photo filters, grouping, and collections, along with the ability to remove unwanted objects from images.

    AirPods Pro Head Gestures: Answer calls by nodding or shaking your head.

Apple TV+ Updates:

    Amazon X-Ray-like Feature: View actor information and connected content during playback.

Apple Watch Enhancements:

    Training Load: New metrics for heart rate, elevation, and exertion tracking.

    Pause Exercise Rings: Pause your exercise rings for travel or rest days.

    Vitals App and Translate App: Consolidated vitals tracking and on-watch translation.

iPadOS Updates:

    Calculator App and Math Notes: Solve handwritten equations using the Apple Pencil.

    Smart Script: AI-powered handwriting improvement and seamless text formatting.

Apple Intelligence (AI):

    On-device AI Processing: Advanced on-device AI for file searches and personalized responses without cloud dependency.

    Image Creator: Generate images based on text descriptions directly in apps like Notes and Keynote.

    Integration with ChatGPT: Option to use ChatGPT for advanced queries while maintaining privacy and security.

Guest Segment: Chris Maverick on AI Art:

    AI Art Experiment: Chris shares his experience creating AI-generated art, discussing the process and challenges.

    AI in Education: Insights into how AI is being integrated into educational curriculums for digital narrative and interactive design.

    Future of AI in Creative Fields: A discussion on the implications of AI in the arts, from wedding photography to comic book illustrations.

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