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Control the Vertical and the Horizontal | AwesomeCast 671

January 24th, 2024

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HP Printer Controversy: Discussion about HP printers only accepting HP ink cartridges and the impact of this on consumers. The podcast delves into the broader theme of companies moving towards subscription models and the implications for product ownership and consumer choice.

Return ChatGPT and Custom GPTS: Sorg returns to the platform and shows off Super Describe, Cartoonize Yourself and created an AwesomeCast Podcast GPT you can use!

Apple's Death Stranding Director's Cut Release: The podcast touches on Apple's announcement about the release of the game "Death Stranding Director's Cut" for iPhone and Mac, discussing the significance of such high-end games being available on mobile platforms.

Apple Vision Pro: The hosts discuss the Apple Vision Pro, a high-end, expensive AR/VR headset. They delve into its features, fitting process, and potential impact on the market as Podnar fits for it with his phone.

WWE and Netflix Partnership: A major highlight is the discussion of WWE Raw moving to Netflix in 2025, signifying a significant shift in how major sports and entertainment content is distributed and consumed.

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