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Awesome Aftertalk: My Pixel Secret Garden

January 24th, 2024

Our after show conversation with kidmental, Dave Podnar and Sorg features a discussion about advancements in AI and its applications in technology, particularly in smartphones and music production. The hosts begin by addressing a mishap with the previous week's audio version on Patreon and quickly shift to discuss the Samsung phone announcement, focusing on the integration of AI in the Samsung S22 and S24 models. They compare Samsung's approach to Google's strategy with the Pixel phone, noting the significance of AI in enhancing user experience.

A substantial part of the conversation revolves around Google's AI Test Kitchen and its ability to generate music. The hosts experiment with this feature, attempting to create different genres of music like trap and drill, while discussing the potential and limitations of AI in creative processes. They contemplate the impact of AI on artistic creativity, pondering its role as a tool for inspiration versus a replacement for human artists.

The conversation also touches on historical resistance to technological advancements in music, drawing parallels to current apprehensions about AI. They explore the cost implications of specialized AI, like chat GPTs, and its accessibility to individuals and businesses. The podcast concludes with thoughts on how AI is shaping various creative fields and the evolving relationship between technology and creativity.

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