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Those Are Not Pearls | AwesomeCast 670

January 17th, 2024

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Smart pepper spray with GPS tracking: A new "smart" pepper spray called 444 was showcased that has GPS capabilities to alert selected contacts or authorities if you spray it, providing your location for safety.

Google/Bing rewards programs: kidemental discussed Google Opinions/Rewards program that give you some money or credits for answering short surveys, providing receipts, etc. Good way to get a little cash or credit.

Video editing tools: CapCut was discussed as an increasingly popular free video editing tool, with features similar to expensive options like Premiere and After Effects. Very useful for creating content quickly.

Lack of sex tech at CES: There was discussion about CES severely limiting vendors from the sex tech space this year, seen by some as a regression.

Apple disabling sensors: Due to a patent dispute, Apple is disabling blood oxygen sensors in new Apple Watch units via a software update until the dispute is resolved.

Grind City TV: Guest Kay talked about expanding her multimedia production company Grind City TV beyond just a TV channel to also radio and print. Key focus on covering independent artists and entrepreneurs.

Media training for pro wrestlers: They joked about sending pro wrestlers to Kay for media training and also learning some wrestling moves themselves.

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