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Vintage Photography and Modern Tech Mashup | AwesomeCast 687

May 29th, 2024

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n this episode of "Awesome Cast," Mike Sorg, Katie Dudas, and Dave Podnar discuss various tech news, gadgets, and personal experiences. They also highlight their awesome things of the week and updates from recent tech developments.

Bulleted Summaries

News Stories:

YouTube Mini Games:

YouTube has rolled out mini-games available to all users, not just premium subscribers.

Features casual games such as Stack Bounce, Draw Climber, and Mob Control.

Intended for light entertainment and quick play sessions.

Canva Updates:

Canva introduces several new features aimed at team collaboration and AI-driven design.

Enhanced AI capabilities for creating graphics, presentations, and ads for Google, Meta, and Amazon.

Integration with Salesforce for automatic data updates in designs.

New photo editing tools including a "magic grab" feature that allows easy manipulation of images.

ICQ Shutdown:

ICQ, the once-popular instant messaging platform, is set to shut down on June 26.

Users are encouraged to download any old messages they wish to keep.

Gadgets and Tech:

Walkie Talkie Feature on Apple Watches:

Discussed the convenience of using the walkie-talkie feature for communication over long distances.

Mentioned practical uses in theme parks and family gatherings for easy coordination.

Mental Health App – "Schmoody":

A fun mental health app discovered via TikTok.

Features checklists and tasks for improving daily routines and mental health.

Includes options for meditation, breathing exercises, and community support.

AirPods Alternative – Cool Buds:

Reviewed Cocoa Buds, an affordable alternative to Apple AirPods with a unique feature of doubling as a power bank.

Available for around $15, providing a budget-friendly option with decent quality.

Wireless Video Transmitter – Hollyland Pyro H:

New wireless video transmitter for under $500, ideal for mobile video production.

Features HDMI version, rechargeable batteries, and the ability to connect multiple receivers for monitoring.

Designed for use in dynamic environments like sports and events, though not as reliable for high-movement scenarios like wrestling.

Photography with Vintage Tech:

Katie Dudas experimented with a Nikon Coolpix camera for a retro photography project.

Discussed the quirky results and the charm of using old tech for modern photography.

Fitness and Wellness Apps:

Mike Sorg explored the Noom app, which focuses on mindfulness and psychological aspects of dieting.

Compared it to other health and wellness apps, discussing the benefits and cost-effectiveness.

Additional Updates:

Poetry Camera:

New updates to the Poetry Camera, a unique device that generates poems based on photos.

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and better thermal printing.

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