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Cheaper than Mr Beast | AwesomeCast 574

December 8th, 2021

Dudders is BACK for the last live visit of 2021!

Sorg’s Mr Beast Curiosity has exploded. Including a LONG interview about how he did it.

MicroLite JavaPress

Fireplaces on your TV

Watch out for AirTags

Wrestling Man Collects 2,706 Copies Of Burger King Video Game

Follow up: Soul Caliber 2 HD on Xbox 360 (Backward Compatible) via Brother Matt!

25 Years Later, Quake Gets A Horde Mode

Calling Lego yinzers

Mandalorian Polaroid Camera

So how much does someone make as a YouTube/ tiktok creator vs being a doctor. Also details on how payments are done and how many million of views are needed to make money.

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