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2021 Look Back | AwesomeCast 575

December 15th, 2021

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We’ve got Ron Krause and Dave Podnar on board as we look back at 2021 and predict for 2022!

Awesome Things of the Year!

Dudders: Every item we all purchased in 2020 & 2021 thanks to TikTok

Chilla: Amazon for it’s ability to drain my wallet including the Cololight Controlled Light

Highmounts for stylish wall mounting

Krause for his Apple Watch Series 3 helping him lose over 95 pounds. maybe he can snag some Apple Fitness Activity Badge enamel pins to celebrate.

Podnar and his iPhone Pro Max photography

Sorg on the evolution of hybrid live streaming events

We look back on how we did on the 2021 predictions

Our predictions for 2022

Ron Krause believes Xbox and Microsoft will have a big year

Gamepass and cloud gaming will grow even more

Chilla thinks streaming peripherals will dominate the tech industry (webcams, mics, etc)

Podnar thinks non-tesla Electric cars will become more common

Dudders thinks TikTok will continue to dominate: Compensating creators, more ads now, not just for young folks, algorithm is so good. Someone will get social audio correct (Not Clubhouse, Spaces). Continue to see a decrease in organic reach especially with FB. Everyone wants to make money.

Sorg sees more strides in virtual events

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