AwesomeCast 164: Google Glass Meerkat Farm

Episode 164 · August 27th, 2013 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

This week on Awesomecast 164, we have a GoogleGlass wearing Chachi (@chachisays) John Chichilla (@chilla) and GoogleGlass-less Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) talking all things awesome going on in the world.

Chachi talks about his experience with GoogleGlass.

What happened when Chachi got caught in the rain with GoogleGlass? Find out!

Would Chachi buy GoogleGlass? Find out what he likes and dislikes about it.

Chachi explains how it is the ultimate on the go device.

How is GoogleGlass received at work? Chachi talks about his experience using it at work.

What part of the body has Chachi and Sorg seen too much of sense wearing GoogleGlass? Find out!

The future of technology companies and their products is discussed by the cast.

Sorg was on television! Find out why he was on and the cool things he saw. Things such as robot cameras, a GoogleGlass-like prototype from the 90s and more!

Minority report, Iron Man 3, what is ChiChilla talking about?

Chachi gives us his 1 in 10 ratio with GoogleGlass.

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Chichilla talks about Enblink. This is a product that works with Google TV. Chichilla and Sorg talk about this product and in general about

Services and how reliable they can be consistently are discussed.

Kevin Spacey talks about his show, â??House of Cardsâ?? and the difference between his show being on a streaming service instead of a television network.

The cast talks about the new distribution platforms for media services and how they make money.

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