AwesomeCast 158: A Google Glass Cast

Episode 158 · July 16th, 2013 · 54 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

On Awesomecast 158, we have a distinguished panel featuring Mad Mike (@madmike4883), Chachi (@chachisays) and Mr. Google Glass himself Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).

The show starts out with some unwanted studio calls!
Sorg explains his New York experience with Mad Mike.
FMad Mike talks about a wacky Google Hangout experience.
Chachi explains the process on how to crash on Google Glass!
Chachi gets hands on with Google Glass at Denny's, and discovers how to â??meet the teamâ??.
Sorg gets tweeted in the face! Live on the show!
Mad Mike talks about an experience with Google Glass that was like finding a wallet that was not yours.
Chachi tells us his opinion of Google Glass. He thinks it is a solid device, but not really worth it at this point.
The cast talks if Google Glass is truly going to be a viable, relevant piece of technology in the future.
Chachi likes to talk to himself on the MegaBus. Find out what he is talking about!
Sorg and the cast talk about how others react to them wearing Google Glass.
Sorg talks about using Google Glass in public.
Chachi talks about his Awesome Thing of The Week. Steerable paper airplanes! Don't get too excited, it is a military thing.
Chachi acquired a UFO? He talks about his experience with it.
Mad Mike's Awesome Thing of The Week is Google Glass related. He talks about the awesomeness of having internet on your face.
Mad Mike and Sorg talk about talking on Google Glass.
Sorg talks about someone else taking a picture on his Google Glass.
Chachi gives examples on how he pushes things to the limit.
Sorg explains more about Google Glass and how it works. Can he initiate a Tweet? Does it accurately tell you where you are at?
Will there be some knock offs? Looks like it!
Sorg shows the world the anatomy of Google Glass.
The cast throws out some ideas on some ways to use Google Glass in the future.
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