AwesomeCast 159: My Name Is Armando Catastrophe

Episode 159 · July 23rd, 2013 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

This week on Awesomecast 159, we feature analysis from Leap user John Chichilla (@chilla), temporary Glassman Chachi (@chachisays) and TV star Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).

John Chichilla discusses Leap. The apps, the interface all the details!

Leap has some positives, but the developers are likely the key to its success.

John thinks Leap is not just a gimmick, he discusses things it needs to do to get better, like the integration of the product for outside uses.

Demonstrations of the use of Leap through the eyes of Google Glass

HP is getting into the Leap market.

Leap will tell you if it is dirty.

Sorg asks if Leap is like Konnect at all. Find out the answer!

John does a LIVE demo of Google Glass. How does it go?

Does Google Glass have volume control? Can you watch Mario Bros. at work on Google Glass without getting caught?

Sorg talks about some Google Glass apps, one can send pictures straight to Glass!

QR Codes and Google Glass! The good and the bad.

Sorg discusses an article about Google Glass and apps. This transitions to talk about if Glass will work as its own system or if it will always be dependent on other systems.

Can Google Glass be used to help the disabled? An article gives an example of how it can do just that.

Armando Catastrophe (Chachi) talks about wearable technology. NFC-enabled rings!

Chachi talks about a geek girls music video. Women can be geeks to guys!

Glass Up. Whatâ??s up with that?

A star was born! Sorg was in the local news talking Google Glass.

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