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Everything awesome in the world of technology, social media, and entertainment! Join us as we discuss the latest gadgets, web sites, and talk with people doing awesome things in tech!


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    Fill All the Holes | AwesomeCast 663

    November 21st, 2023  |  54 mins 8 secs
    apps, authentication, cases, chess, duolingo, gadgets, games, giveaways, guitar, iphone, magsafe, math, news, passwordless, podcasting, podcasts, public transit, sd cards, security, technology, transportation, wallets, yubikey

    AwesomeCast is a weekly tech podcast hosted by Sorgatron, Dudders, and Chilla. They discuss new gadgets and apps, share their "awesome things of the week," and cover tech news stories. Recent topics have included Dudders' new Hello Kitty iPhone case, Chilla's MagSafe wallet stand, Pittsburgh public transit improvements, using guitar picks to remove SD cards, YubiKeys for passwordless authentication, Duolingo adding chess and math lessons, and the hosts sharing what technology they are thankful for this year. The hosts bring humor and personality to their commentary on the latest consumer tech and apps.

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    iPhone 15 Cat Pics | AwesomeCast 662

    November 7th, 2023  |  54 mins 12 secs
    ai, amazon, chatbots, geeky, google, google glass, instagram, iphone, iphone 15, messaging, meta ray-ban, movies, nasa, pittsburgh, podcast, pop culture, safety, smart glasses, social media, sorgatron media, tech, tech news, video games, waze, youtube

    The AwesomeCast is a fun, geeky podcast hosted by Katie "Dudders" and Mike Sorg. In this episode, they discuss new tech like the iPhone 15, Meta smart glasses, AI innovations from companies like Google, Amazon, and YouTube, and upcoming movies based on video games. Dudders shares her experience with the new iPhone camera while Sorg is excited about the Ray-Ban Stories glasses. They also talk about new AI features like chatbots, generated ads and reviews, and safety alerts in apps like Waze. Other highlights include NASA's new free streaming channel NASA Plus launching soon and changes to Instagram messaging. The hosts keep things lively with their energetic banter about the latest in tech and pop culture.

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    Hollywood iPhone Style | AwesomeCast 661

    November 1st, 2023  |  53 mins 38 secs
    aew, apple, conversations, electric vehicles, health, honda, injuries, iphone, jon moxley, macbook, physical therapy, pittsburgh, podcast, podcasting, professional wrestling, rey fenix, social media, sorgatron media, summaries, tech news, technology, wwe

    Michael and Dave discussed new tech products like Honda's electric scooter and Apple's latest MacBook Pros. They were impressed by Apple using iPhone 15 Pros to film their recent event. Michael used his iPhone 13 for concert footage.

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    Sustainability in Business with Kloopify | AwesomeCast 660

    October 24th, 2023  |  58 mins 44 secs
    adobe, apple, artificial intelligence, content creation, emissions tracking, fashion tech, las vegas, mac, pittsburgh, playstation, podcast, procurement, social media, sorgatron media, sphere, startup, supply chain, sustainability, tech news, xbox

    This week on AwesomeCast, Daniela Osio joined to discuss Kloopify, a startup she founded to help companies integrate sustainability into procurement and supply chain processes. By mapping purchases to emissions data, Kloopify enables organizations to understand their environmental impact and make better sourcing decisions. Dave recapped his recent trip to the Palm Springs Air Museum and John shared how he uses AI to streamline content creation. Other topics included upcoming Apple product rumors, the dazzling new Sphere attraction in Las Vegas, and Adobe's electronic ink dress that can change colors and patterns on command. The episode provided great insights on leveraging tech for sustainability and productivity.

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    The Glasshole Next Door | AwesomeCast 659

    October 17th, 2023  |  59 mins 31 secs
    ai, alltrails, cancer, cyberpunk 2077, earbuds, gaming, interview, local news, meta, news, playstation, podcast, social media, tech news, threads, twitter, voice acting, vr, xbox

    Hosts Michael Sorg, John Chichilla, and Katie Dudas discussed the Microsoft-Activision merger and when new games may hit Xbox Game Pass. They also talked about AI being used to recreate a deceased actor's voice for Cyberpunk 2077 and the spread of Meta's new VR headsets being called "Meta Glassholes." Other topics included Threads getting an edit button, using social media for news, AllTrails' new National Park guides, Chilla's new wireless earbuds for VR, Katie talking about her cancer journey on the radio, and sources for local news. The hosts covered the latest tech and gaming news while highlighting cool new products and digital trends.

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    Of SteamDecks and GoPros | AwesomeCast 658

    October 10th, 2023  |  52 mins 3 secs
    ai, charity event, children's hospital, classic games, extra life, fundraiser, gaming marathon, google, healthcare, kids, livestream, mario, pc gaming, pittsburgh, podcast, pollution, rabbids, saved games, spiderman, steam deck, tech news, traffic, twitch, video games, youtube

    Brothers Mike and Matt discussed video games and tech news on their podcast The Awesome Cast. Topics included Matt's upcoming 24-hour Extra Life charity gaming marathon, the capabilities of the Steam Deck handheld PC, and Google's Project Greenlight to reduce traffic pollution with AI. They reminisced about classic PC games after finding Matt's old saved game files. Upcoming titles like Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and Spiderman 2 were mentioned. The show will stream Matt's fundraiser on Twitch and YouTube to benefit Children's Hospital Pittsburgh starting October 11th. Viewers can donate to support kids' healthcare.

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    Raspberry Pi Face | AwesomeCast 657

    October 3rd, 2023  |  53 mins 28 secs
    apple, apple park, apple watch, audio tours, battery life, breakage, bugs, computer history museum, fcc, fear-mongering, firing ranges, freezing, guidego, heating, iphone, islands, laggy, manufacturing, navy, os, raspberry pi, satellites, tesla, unboxing
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    Looking Fly in My Aldi Pajamas | Awesomecast 656

    September 26th, 2023  |  54 mins 26 secs
    accessibility, ai, aldi, apple, auction, chatgpt, clothes, dinosaurs, email, fitness, fossils, fundraising, gadgets, google, health, iphone, money, pajamas, pittsburgh, podcast, social media, sorgatron media, tech, tech news, youtube

    This episode of AwesomeCast dives into the latest tech gadgets and news with hosts Sorg, Dudders, and Podnar. They discuss new iPhone features like live voicemail transcription, voice isolation for clearer calls, and creating custom stickers from photos. Sorg reviews the Wellitory app which analyzes Apple Watch data to provide health ratings and recommendations for better sleep, exercise, and reducing stress. The hosts also explore iOS accessibility features that allow you to record your voice before potential speech loss, and then use it for text-to-speech. Plus, updates to ChatGPT like new voice and image capabilities, though concerns remain around impersonation and fraud. Podnar demos Google's Bard AI extensions which summarize your personal info and activities from Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and more. And the gang chats about the complexities of purchasing dinosaur fossils, after Dudders learns skeleton "Barry" is being auctioned for over $1 million. They get tips from ChatGPT on fundraising ideas. Finally, Dudders raves about the new cozy Aldi-branded apparel line with sweatshirts, tees and pajamas perfect for working from home.

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    Big Beats and Big Fans with Kidmental | AwesomeCast 655

    September 12th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins
    appleevent, applewatchultra, assassinscreed, beatboxing, crashtests, creators, honda, iosgaming, iphone15, mediaproduction, musicians, newtech, ohioadventures, pittsburghpodcasts, podcasting, portraitmode, residentevil, roadtrip, techforartists, weirdroadsideattractions, windtunnels

    The AwesomeCast podcast hosted by Michael Sorg and Katie Dudas welcomes musical guest Kidmental for a lively discussion of technology and culture. The show begins by highlighting Kidmental's musical talents, with him providing custom intro songs and sound effects throughout the episode. Kidmental demonstrates his impressive beatboxing and looping skills using analog hardware like the RC 505 loop station.

    The hosts then recap their recent trip to rural Ohio, hilariously detailing their visits to strange roadside attractions like a massive empty basket building and a 24-foot tall cuckoo clock. Shifting to tech news, they analyze Apple's latest product announcements including the new Ultra Apple Watch aimed at extreme athletes and the iPhone 15 Pro with advanced camera capabilities like automatic portrait mode.

    Sorg and Dudas share their hands-on experiences testing out Honda's impressive wind tunnel and crash test facilities. With helpful context and enthusiasm, they evaluate how the new Apple features could benefit media creators. Kidmental pops in with funny reactions as Sorg geeks out about playing console-quality iOS games on the go and directly recording videos to external drives using the new USB-C port. Overall, the conversational tone provides an accessible yet insightful take on how tech innovations intersect with art and culture.

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    AI In My Atari 2600 | AwesomeCast 654

    August 30th, 2023  |  51 mins 39 secs
    ai, apps, atari2600, digitalphotography, entertainingtech, gadgets, iphone, learnsomethingnew, pittsburgh, podcastproduction, relatabletech, techaficionados, techtalk, videogames, wittybanter

    The AwesomeCast brings you insightful and entertaining technology talk from right in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hosted by the enthusiastic Michael Sorg and his knowledgeable sidekick Dave Podnar, each episode delves into the latest gadgets, apps, and innovations. Whether it's diving into new AI capabilities, evaluating the upcoming iPhone models, or reliving nostalgic game consoles like the Atari 2600, Mike and Dave approach each topic with awe and humor. Their conversational style makes you feel like you're hanging out with two wisecracking friends who also happen to be tech aficionados. From video games to digital photography to podcast production tips, the hosts draw from their diverse backgrounds to provide context and personal anecdotes that make the tech talk relatable and engaging. If you want an enjoyable take on technology that doesn't get too geeky or overwhelming, tune into AwesomeCast for Mike and Dave's perceptive and witty banter. You're sure to come away entertained while also learning something new.

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    The Wink Clause | AwesomeCast 653

    August 22nd, 2023  |  54 mins
    acquisition, assassin's creed: mirage, awesomecast, calm app, desktop meta threads, dslr, dvd customers., gpus, high school nasa rover programs, intel cpus, katie, mega cat, movo mic, netflix, podcast, rovio, sega, space exploration, transformers, wrestlequest

    In this episode of the Awesomecast Podcast, a range of intriguing topics are discussed. The hosts dive into "Wrestlequest" by Pittsburgh's Mega Cat, exploring wrestling-related content. Katie shares her experience using the Movo Mic alongside her DSLR camera to enhance audio quality. Exciting news arrives for some users with the introduction of Desktop Meta Threads. Gamers investing in Intel CPUs and GPUs are in for a treat as they now receive a complimentary copy of Assassin's Creed: Mirage. Sega's recent acquisition of Rovio takes center stage, with a substantial deal amounting to $776 million. An unexpected collaboration is noted as Transformers content finds its way onto the Calm meditation app. Shifting focus, the podcast sheds light on High School NASA Rover Programs, highlighting the remarkable contributions of young talents in space exploration. Lastly, Netflix's creative move involves sending an additional 10 movies to DVD customers, albeit with a playful hint that these movies aren't meant to be kept permanently.

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    Social Media Parasite But The Good Kind | AwesomeCast 652

    August 15th, 2023  |  56 mins 45 secs
    ai for adhd with chatgpt., blank youtube homepage issue, chicken soup for the soul entertainment cost-cutting, hello kitty apple arcade game, leettus lavalier wireless microphone for iphone, stray - the post apocalyptic cat game, threads app new features, whistle pet tracker, x's impact on website speed

    The "AwesomeCast" podcast covers a variety of tech-related topics. In this episode, Katie shares her experience using the Leettus Lavalier Wireless Microphone for iPhones. There's also a discussion about the Whistle pet tracker, a device similar to a Fitbit for pets, offering initial impressions. Katie's gameplay of "Stray," a post-apocalyptic cat game, is highlighted. The hosts also discuss the Hello Kitty Apple Arcade Game. There's a segment on X's impact on website speed. The issue of blank YouTube homepages is explained. The podcast covers new features in the Threads app. Additionally, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment's cost-cutting measures post-Redbox acquisition are discussed. Lastly, there's a segment on using AI, like ChatGPT, to help with ADHD.

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    Big Sonic Bada Boom in the Blue Sky | AwesomeCast 651

    August 8th, 2023  |  58 mins 44 secs
    ai, ai adoption, audiocraft, banking, beeper, carplay, evs, gm, health, ios 17, messaging, nasa, premiere pro, quiet supersonic jet, sorg, supersonic travel, transcript feature, whistle pet tracker, x plane

    Welcome to Awesomecast! In this episode, we dive into supersonic travel's challenges and solutions with the X plane. NASA's 'quiet' supersonic jet, iOS 17 CarPlay updates, AudioCraft's AI, Beeper's messaging, GM's EVs powering homes, Premiere Pro's transcript feature, AI adoption hurdles in banking and health, and Sorg's Whistle pet tracker news. Join us for tech insights and more!

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    Prescription Shots By Drone | AwesomeCast 650

    August 1st, 2023  |  58 mins 28 secs
    activision, amazon, chilla, hands-on, hasbro, jbl clip 4 portable bluetooth speaker, legion go, lenovo, microsoft, repairability, samsung z fold 5, transformers games, virtual health clinic, windows pc gaming handheld, xbox, xbox controllers

    Welcome to AwesomeCast! In this episode, we cover Hasbro's call for Transformers Games' return, Chilla's review of the JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Samsung Z Fold 5 hands-on, Microsoft's eco-friendly Xbox controllers, Amazon's virtual health clinic rollout, and Lenovo's gaming handheld, 'Legion Go'. Tune in now for all the latest tech and gaming news!

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    Roll For Everything | AwesomeCast 649

    July 25th, 2023  |  53 mins 4 secs
    ai-generated content, asus, awesomecast, bbq, content groove, entertainment., ev batteries, gaming possibilities, intel, mustard-flavored candy, nuc mini-pcs, pizza, podcast, roll for___, sandwich, skittles, tech, text posts, tiktok, trends, u.s. incentives, wrestling

    Welcome to AwesomeCast, the podcast that covers TikTok trends like Roll For___ videos (Sandwich, Pizza, BBQ, Wrestling, and more!). Discover unusual collaborations like mustard-flavored Skittles and Intel-Asus gaming possibilities. Get AI-generated content from Content Groove, hear about TikTok's text post support, and learn how dead EV batteries turn to gold with U.S. incentives. Subscribe at for mind-blowing news and entertainment!

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    The Mosquito Upgrade | AwesomeCast 648

    July 18th, 2023  |  56 mins 27 secs
    all day dining, alltrails, amazon astro home robot, antstream arcade, fast track, hershey park, hpgo wristbands, mister roger's neighborhood lego set, mosquito levels, owo assassin's creed haptic feedback shirt, retro games, rosie robot., tech features, trail app, trail conditions, updates, weather, xbox

    In this episode of AwesomeCast Podcast, we cover some new updates to AllTrails, our favorite trail app, including weather, trail conditions, and mosquito levels. Sorg and Katie share their first-time experience at Hershey Park, discussing HPGo wristbands, Fast Track, All Day Dining, and other tech features that worked (and sometimes didn't). We also highlight the OWO Assassin's Creed Haptic Feedback Shirt, Antstream Arcade's 1,000 retro games on Xbox, the Mister Roger's Neighborhood Lego Set, and the Amazon Astro Home Robot, reminiscent of Jetsons' Rosie Robot. Tune in for all the exciting tech news and discussions!