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Collegiate Battle Bots | AwesomeCast 335

February 7th, 2017

This week on AwesomeCast 335, we’re talking about awesome things in technology with Sorg, Chilla, and Producer Missy, including:

We’re starting the show with Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week from this past weekend’s sports ball event.
We’re talking about what it took to fly the drones during the Lady Gaga HalfTime Show for the Super Bowl.
Are drones the future of special lighting in lieu of fireworks?
Logitech’s 4K webcam is Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week this week.
Chilla is really sold on the background replacement feature of the Logitech 4K webcam.
Missy is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – the Alchema “Keurig” for hard ciders at home.
An R2-D2 USB hub? Yes, please.
Logitech turns your car into an Amazon Alexa controller?
Nintendo Switch got a Super Bowl ad!
A Boston Dynamics robot is something of your nightmares.
YouTube is rolling out live streaming for mobile.
Sure YouTube is rolling out live streaming, but where’s the social aspect like Facebook LIVE?
Pokemon is now playable in Minecraft!
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