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Apple Car Play For Elderly Cars | AwesomeCast 692

July 3rd, 2024

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Join Michael Sorg, John Chichilla, and Dave Podnar as they dive into the latest geeky news and gadgets from Pittsburgh. This episode features a range of topics including innovative car tech, photo editing apps, and the latest in mini PC technology. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the episode:

  • Wireless CarPlay Touchscreen: John introduces a wireless CarPlay touchscreen with a built-in 4K dash cam, ideal for upgrading older cars. This gadget offers features such as wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and a backup camera.

    • Dave Podnar's Awesome Thing of the Week:
  • RNI Aero App: Dave talks about the RNI Aero app that applies infrared filters to photos, creating a unique, stylized look. Perfect for landscape photography enthusiasts.

    • John Chichilla’s Second Awesome Thing:
  • Modern Mini PC: Chilla introduces a powerful mini PC with Intel’s Ultra 5 AI chipset, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD. It’s a versatile device for those looking for a portable yet powerful computing solution.

    • Michael Sorg's Awesome Thing of the Week:
  • Anchor Soundcore Q20 Headphones: Michael shares his experience with the affordable and high-quality Anchor Soundcore Q20 headphones, which offer noise cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity.

    • Additional Discussions:
  • Homebridge for HomeKit Compatibility: Chilla explains how Homebridge allows users to integrate various smart home devices into Apple HomeKit, even if they are not natively compatible.

  • Autobiographer App: Michael explores the concept of the Autobiographer app, which uses AI to help users write their life stories by asking guiding questions.

  • Supreme Court and Content Moderation: A brief discussion on recent Supreme Court decisions regarding content moderation and the implications for social media platforms.

    • Technical Issues: Michael experiences some technical difficulties during the show, providing a real-time demonstration of troubleshooting on the fly.

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