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June 26th, 2024

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services and listeners like you at Michael Sorg, Katie Dudas, and Dave Podnar in this geek-packed episode of AwesomeCast as they delve into the latest tech news, gadget reviews, and personal tech mishaps. This week’s episode features discussions on everything from laptop and phone durability to exciting developments in the world of Godzilla and Marvel comics. Here’s what you can expect:

• Laptop Survival Stories: Sorg shares a harrowing tale of his MacBook Pro surviving a dramatic fall down the stairs thanks to a $20 protective case. Dave and Katie also recount their own tech mishaps and the importance of investing in good protection for your devices. 

New Gadgets and Gear:

• Anker Soundcore Headphones: Katie reviews her new Anker Soundcore headphones, highlighting their impressive noise-canceling capabilities and excellent sound quality at an affordable price. 

• Logitech C270 HD Webcam: Dave talks about his experience with the Logitech C270 HD webcam, a budget-friendly option that offers decent quality for video calls and online presentations. 

Apple and Adobe Insights:

• Apple’s New Final Cut Pro Camera App: Explore the features of Apple’s new camera app designed for professional video recording with manual controls, aimed at competing with the Black Magic cameras.

• Adobe’s AI and Subscription Woes: Discussion on Adobe’s recent integration of AI in Lightroom for photo editing, alongside the controversies surrounding their subscription model and recent legal challenges.

Exciting Tech and Media News:

• Godzilla in the Marvel Universe: Katie introduces the upcoming Godzilla variant covers in Marvel Comics, featuring epic battles between Godzilla and various Marvel superheroes.

• OpenAI’s Desktop App for Mac: Sorg highlights the new desktop app for ChatGPT, offering seamless integration and enhanced productivity for Mac users.

Practical Tech Tips:

• Zoom’s New Reaction Features: Katie demonstrates Zoom’s new emoji reactions that animate during calls, adding a fun and interactive element to virtual meetings.

• Tips for Keeping Tech Devices Safe: The co-hosts discuss the importance of protective cases and AppleCare for ensuring the longevity and safety of your valuable tech devices.

Tune in for an episode filled with practical advice, entertaining stories, and the latest in tech innovation. Don’t miss out on these geeky updates and stay awesome!

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