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Podnar Needs a New Pair of Scanned Shoes | AwesomeCast 676

February 28th, 2024

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Behind-the-scenes of MMA Filming: A detailed look into the challenges and innovations in filming MMA events, including the use of a GoPro on a steady cam rig for behind-the-scenes footage, demonstrating the intricacies of live sports production.

Shoe Technology for Runners: Discussion on the Albert 2 Pro Scanner used in shoe stores for precise foot measurement, enhancing the shoe-buying experience by matching consumers with the perfect fitting shoes based on detailed 3D scans and pressure analysis.

Smart TV Market: Insights into the prevalence of smart TVs, their advancements, and consumer experiences, reflecting on the shift towards fully integrated digital home entertainment systems. 

Gaming Updates: Commentary on new game additions to the Nintendo Switch from the Rare collection and discussions on the evolving landscape of video game platforms and services. And a hack to play Playstation Portable games on the Sony Playstation Portal.

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