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A Flipper. A Corn Sweeper. And a New Walmart TV. | AwesomeCast 675

February 21st, 2024

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Eurovision and Windows95man: Discussion on Eurovision, its significance outside the U.S., and its comparison to the World Cup of singing competitions. The influence of celebrities like Will Ferrell through movies related to Eurovision is highlighted.

NVIDIA's Market Value and Technological Contributions: The episode delves into NVIDIA's significant market value, surpassing giants like Amazon and Alphabet, focusing on its contributions to AI, CPUs, GPUs, and cloud computing services like GeForce Now.

Apple Arcade Games: Podnar talks Lego Builder Journey and Sorg is playing Corn Sweeper

Walmart to buy Vizio. Smart TV battle continues as Walmart adds Vizio’s TV Operating System and ad technology to it’s lineup that already contains the Onn brand.

Social Media Dynamics and YouTube’s New Color Selection Features: There's a critical look at how platforms like YouTube adapt to compete with rivals like TikTok and the introduction of new features based on user behavior and content preferences.

Pittsburgh Fish Fry Map: The podcast touches on local events, specifically mentioning Pittsburgh's Lenten fish fry traditions, showcasing the community aspect and the involvement of local developers in creating resources like the Lenten fish fry map.

Literature and Cultural Representation: kidmental Jordan Peele’s edited anthology, "Out There Screaming," focusing on black horror and speculative fiction, and highlighting authors like Nnedi Okorafor. The discussion extends to the importance of representation in literature and the impact of these stories on different communities.   

kidmental has a Flipper Zero, discussing its features, applications, and the curiosity around new tech tools and their practical uses in daily life. 

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