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Taters in Space | AwesomeCast 668

January 3rd, 2024

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kidmental got a Circuit Mess electronics kit for his son to build gadgets like the "Bite Boy" handheld game console. The devices can communicate over long distances using a wireless protocol.

Chilla set up a new streaming desk setup with a USB hub, pegboard for organization, and a pan/tilt/zoom camera on a shelf to provide multiple camera angles. He's planning to start live streaming more in 2023.

Podnar got a new Apple Watch Series 9 to replace his older Series 4. The new watch has better battery life, always-on display, and more sensors to provide running metrics.

Sorg is using the newer workout plans in Apple Fitness to plan his workouts.

NASA beamed a test video of a cat ("Taters") into deep space and back using a new laser communication system, achieving a data rate of 267 megabits per second. This was a test of their ability to transmit high bandwidth data over long distances.

The group discussed the new social media platform Blue Sky and how difficult it is to keep up with new platforms. Many platforms don't have APIs available yet to easily cross-post content.

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