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iPhone 15 Cat Pics | AwesomeCast 662

November 7th, 2023

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Katie got the new iPhone 15 Pro Max and is comparing image quality to her previous iPhone 13 Pro. The 15 seems to have better quality and more realistic looking photos.

They discuss upcoming movies based on video games including a live action Legend of Zelda movie produced by Avi Arad and a live action Five Nights at Freddy's movie. Mike recommends checking out the Five Nights at Freddy's video games on mobile for only $2.99.

Mike is interested in the new Meta Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses and sees them as an improved version of Google Glass. They have a better form factor and improved features like voice AI. And we look back at when Sorg got Google Glass in 2014!

Google is bringing AI generated ads to their platforms. This can help advertisers by generating unique ad images and copy.

YouTube is testing an AI chatbot that can answer questions about videos based on automatically generated captions or user submitted transcripts.

Amazon customer reviews now have an "AI Summary" section that summarizes key points from multiple reviews.

Waze will start providing crash history alerts for accident prone roads using AI and user reports.

Instagram is rolling out an option to turn off read receipts in DMs.

NASA is launching a free streaming channel called NASA Plus on November 8th with space documentaries and other content.

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