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Looking Fly in My Aldi Pajamas | Awesomecast 656

September 26th, 2023

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New iPhone features

Live voicemail - see live transcription of voicemails as they're left

Voice isolation - isolate voice from background noise on calls

Stickers from photos - make stickers from your photos

Wellitory app

Tracks health data from Apple Watch

Provides stress, energy, and health ratings

Makes recommendations like sleep, exercise, meditation

iOS accessibility features

Voice recording before speech loss

Allows text to speech with own voice

For conditions like ALS

ChatGPT updates 

New voice capabilities - can talk to ChatGPT

Can provide images to ChatGPT for context

Concerns over impersonation and fraud

Google Bard AI extensions

Integrates with Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc.

Can summarize your info and activities

Useful for searching personal data

Buying a dinosaur skeleton

Auctioning skeleton "Barry"

Could cost over $1 million

ChatGPT's tips on fundraising

Aldi branded apparel

New sweats, tees, pajamas, more

Cute, cheap cozy clothes

Good for working from home

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