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A Virtual Thanksgiving | AwesomeCast 522

November 25th, 2020

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, and Sidekick Media Services.

Chatting the tech news of the week with Amanda Narcisi of, Michael Sorg, Katie Dudas and John Chichilla!

  • Amanda is looking at the hot Black Friday deals with Affinity on iPad, Grammerly, and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • We look at Little Alchemy on iOS and web at !
  • Katie is looking forward to Animal Crossing Turkey Day and the Pocket Camp AR Camera
  • Chilla breaks down the Xbox Series X Developer Mode which already opens it up to retro video emulation, giving it the Playstation 2 compatibility the Playstation 5 doesn't!
  • Sorg unboxes the Google Stadia Premium box, talks Control on Amazon Luma, and Nvidia Geforce Now on iOS!
  • Virtual Thanksgiving Tips!  How can you have a great holiday with your family if you can't be there physically with your family?  We talk video platforms, backgrounds, online games and more!
  • What are you THANKFUL for in tech and Awesome?  From Animal Crossing to iPhone, Instacart, and interconnectedness itself!

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