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Awesomecast 264: Facebook M is for Making It

September 1st, 2015

This week on Awesomecast 264, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

Time for the Awesome Thing Of The Week and Chilla's telling us about Amazon Prime offline video on iPhone and iPad.
Epix is leaving Netflix and coming to Hulu, which means more options for your instant video viewing.
Instagram how has an answer to Snapchat with their new Visual Convos
Sorg's Awesome Thing Of The Week is a throwback to our talk with The Hardware Store and a collaboration with them.
This week's App Of The Week is Blab a video chat/broadcast platform beta. It's basically #Periscope if you put 4 of them together.
Want to check out BLAB? We recommend it.
Is it too much social media with Twitter, Facebook, BLAB, Instagram, Periscope, etc.? How do you manage your time?
Want to win a Cord Cutters prize bundle from CNET? We're curious...
Need an inverter? How about a JuiceBox? (Thanks @WPAJJuggalojohn for pointing this one out.)
Thank you Instagram! Finally allows landscape and portrait photos.
YouTube? Gaming? In the same sentence? Yep. YouTube Gaming is a thing.
Shoutout to Rizz while we check out his YouTube Gaming stream. (You can check him out, @RizzPlaysGames.)
Chilla sharing YouTube Gaming as an option to scope games. Beats relying on industry descriptions and ratings.
Talking Facebook's response to Siri and Cortana: Facebook M
Breaking down gender equality with Guy Siri vs. Girl Siri.
Katie is not over the hoverboard lie. And, she's not alone:
Android wear now works with iPhones (kinda)

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