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AwesomeCast 254: America’s Darling Snapchats

June 23rd, 2015

This week on Awesomecast 254, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

Checking out the Awesome Thing Of The Week.
Chilla has been thinking long and hard about the new MacBook and all its dongles.
Chilla's MacBook Pro is so new it doesn't even have stickers on it yet! Tune in to hear his thoughts.
We're discovering the new MacBook Pro touchpad. It's not a real button, but it feels like a button, but it's not a button.
(Re)learning how to reset the Mac scroll bar so it doesn't always hide.
Chilla's happy to have access to El Capitan. So happy, he may queue this one up
We are (re)discovering Sorg's mini Gorilla Pod while he tries to figure out his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
So, there's a Dutch design firm that's trying to use a 3D printer to print a steel bridge.
Sorgatron's Awesome Thing Of The Week deals with a client project involving drone footage.
We're talking Snap Chat and squared video.
People want to get on Snap Chat. What do YOU (our listeners) get out of the app?
The who's who of Snap Chat: Taco Bell tops Sorg's list. Seriously.
Discussing Linked In usage and connections.
Sorg thinks Google+ is the best spot for groups in comparison to LinkedIn and Facebook.
Talking the revolution of "how-tos": gone from pdf or word documents with text and pics to videos and blog posts.
Chilla's App Of The Week is LICEcap to assist with project management.
If you lose your job and THEN turn to LinkedIn - you're too late. Use LinkedIn to foster relationships AHEAD of time.
Seriously discussing Zip Drives on this week's episode.
Do you have a current version of Windows? You can upgrade to Windows10. You can also get a technical copy to upgrade from.
Samsung now has an app that lets you record game play to do reviews and let's play videos.

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