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Episode 399 · August 1st, 2018 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Alex Kahrs Design & Media, and Dark Forge Studios!

Sorg and Producer Missy were away at Podcast Movement last week – but the gang’s all here this week as we return to our regular schedule of things. Chilla joins us in studio while Katie is remote from a secure facility north of the City as we talk this week’s topics, including:

Katie is getting super geeky with her Awesome Thing of the Week with Star Wars costumes at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum.
Sorg is psyched to see the Argo AI car that just passed the studio!
Sorg and Chilla checked out Replay FX over the weekend. Chilla is sharing Blossom Tales as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
Sorg is sharing Bit Brigade from Replay FX as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
Sorg and Chilla are sharing more from their ventures at Replay FX.
Chilla is trying to figure out the math on exactly how many games were at Replay FX.
Not awesome news, but news just the same. GameStop is discontinuing its Elite Pro program.
Sorg and Missy attended Podcast Movement. Look for some special edition content (maybe as part of our Patreon) around that.
Thanks to Amanda for giving Chilla another thing to buy with the Adonit Snap 2.
Sometimes teenagers do some cool things, like the teen who created Anxiety Helper for those battling anxiety and depression.
Verizon is now offering safe wi-fi?
Walmart is partnering with Waymo to chauffeur shoppers.
Cargo is teaming up with Uber to offer snacks and phone chargers to passengers.
Are you a Chrome user? Chilla is sharing a tip about the new UI redesign.
Logitech is acquiring Blue. Does this mean we can look forward to a new podcast kit?
Nintendo has a vehicle Labo kit.

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