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Zuckerberg Magic | AwesomeCast 392

April 11th, 2018

This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Alex Kahrs Design & Media, and The Millvale Music Festival!

It's a jetlagged edition of AwesomeCast with the LA returned Sorg, along with Katie and Chilla in studio!

Sorg is sharing Hoopla as his AwesomeThingOfTheWeek.
Sorg discovered that Hoopla has ShortCircuit, and we may have derailed the Podcast.
Katie is sharing an Instagram fancy portrait photo option with Focus as her AwesomeThingOfTheWeek.
The moral of this week's Podcast: Use Instagram.
Chilla's AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is a recommendation to support additional authentication - including Biometrics to be used to log into things like websites.
Speaking of Biometrics, Sorg is making a plea to CLEAR to come to Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh has a new Food Delivery service with DoorDash.
Chilla is calling for a Yelp review of our various Food Delivery services to help narrow down which ones are good and which ones aren't.
You can plug your Instagram account information into IGaudit and it will tell you how many real followers you have.
Google has updated older versions of Android phones with GoogleAssistant!
Sorg loves the AI level of intelligence and responsiveness with GoogleAssistant.
Have an OpenAir workspace? HushMe goes over your mouth and connects with earbuds to provide Privacy for cellphone calls.
Katie has been watching a new TV show with Mark Zuckerburg and confused old people today.
Sooo.....a Senate Hearing...broadcast on Twitch?
Things we learned during the Mark Zuckerburg testimony: Targeted Ads are more of a thing than we realized.
If you do ads and marketing on Facebook, you may want to look into other options.
Chilla is a fan of paper things. Microsoft has a (temporarily) Free App that offers a freehand note app via Penhook.
WestWorld may have set a standard on Spoilers through a Reddit poll.
Podcasts on Pandora?
Want to keep up with your friends IRL - by using an App? Garden may be your answer!
Speaking of @millvalemusic, we'll have an AwesomeChat with them tomorrow evening!
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