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De-Fruit Your Life | AwesomeCast 347

May 3rd, 2017

Sorg, Chilla, and Krause are talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology for AwesomeCast 347, including:

We’re sharing our Awesome Thing of the Week items.
Krause is sharing Mpow bluetooth headphones.
Chilla is living in the future and he’s sharing the DEX dock as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
Chilla took us into the future and Missy is taking us into the past with the Elbow cassette player.
We’re back to the current tech thanks to Sorg and his GoPro meets Baja SAE track shot.
Sorg also got to check out something cool with Volvo and loud music in the dessert.
Krause is trying to talk Sorg into a little less fruit in his tech diet.
Microsoft did a thing! Krause and Chilla are sharing some updates about how they stand up to the fruit.
We’re talking the Surface laptop. (I think Chilla may be a little underwhelmed with port options.)
Windows 10S is moving to a store feature similar to other app platforms.
Windows 10S has features great for school integration.
XBox rewards updates allow you to get free stuff for playing games.
Google Home is on sale for Mothers’ Day. Get your mom the gift of home automation.
Microsoft is offering a VR headset for school integration.
Thanks to Mat Weller for letting us know about the NOMATIC travel bag. Chilla may be ordering his now.
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