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Episode 2: AwesomeCast 2: Full on Face(time)

June 8th, 2010

Itâ??s episode two of the AwesomeCast on Sorgatron Media! Welcome your hosts, Rob de la Cretaz andMike Sorg, and itâ??s time for the new iPhone! And to make sure we have â??fair and balancedâ?? reporting, we invited local blogger, IT professional, elections judge, and Android G1 user, Anthony â??Chachiâ?? Walker to the show! We go over what this means for our addictions to Farmville, the tech advancements, and take a look back at the D8: All Things Digital Conference, AT&Tâ??s new data plans, and something interesting from Craigslist (calling all Brits that want to make twenty bucks)

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