AwesomeCast 293: It's All About the VR, Baby

Episode 296 · April 5th, 2016 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

This week on AwesomeCast 293, weâ??re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

It's Podcast Day! We're going LIVE with Frank Murgia of Pittsburgh Podcast Network and Katie in studio. Chilla is joining us from Studio B.
Google released the Nik Collection for free? Chilla is telling us all about his Awesome Thing Of The Week!
Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing Of The Week - Butt touching. (It's a robot thing.)
Frank is keeping it dirty with his Awesome Thing Of The Week - an Amazon Button for condoms!
Sorg's Awesome Thing Of The Week is Splash as a photography/video 360 option.
Speaking of VR, looks like IKEA is turning your kitchen remodel into a game!
We like to check out Looking For Group to play with new VR options. (You should check them out, too.)
Google's new VR tool allows easy embedding of 360 content.
Frank is talking about this weekend's Comedians for Cancer event. Make sure to check it out.
TWIT built the ultimate gaming machine for Oculus Rift.
Tesla has an affordable Model 3. (And we're a little excited.)
Microsoft's mobile OS isn't windows. It's Cortana.
Tip Of The Week: How do you know if a battery is dead? Bounce it off the ground! If it bounces, it's old.
Because April Fools Day was a few days ago, we're sharing some internet shenanigans.
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