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Episode 279: AwesomeCast 279: Out With The Old (Tech) - In With the New (Tech)

December 15th, 2015

This week on AwesomeCast 279, we're sharing our tech highlights from 2015 and making our predictions for 2016 in addition to our usual talk about awesome things in technology, including:

We have a full studio tonight! Chilla, Sorg, Katie, Will, and Doug - and Cynthia via remote!
Awesome Thing Of The Year time! Chilla is telling us about how the Apple Watch beat the rest.
Instacontent is Dudders' Awesome Thing Of The Year contribution.
Doug is giving it back to Sling TV by nominating it as his Awesome Thing Of The Year.
Will is on board with cordcutters as his Awesome Thing Of The Year.
Comedy Central is great for cordcutters with their accessibility.
Cynthia shares her Awesome Thing Of The Year - crowdfunding and how it helps make dreams and ideas possible.
We joked about how we all would name Slack as our unanimous Awesome Thing Of The Year.
We're talking about message read notifications (i.e. Facebook).
Discussing severe inbox OCD with Doug.
What happened to YikYak? Dudders is revisiting her favorite app of last year.
Sorg's Awesome Thing Of The Year is VR (as he pulls out his Google Cardbord).
Shout out to Looking For Group and the fun Sorg had with their Oculus yesterday.
You want to tune in - Dudders is playing with the Google Cardboard.
It's time for 2016 predictions!
We lied! First, we're going to check in on what predictions were made last year - and whether they happened.
Now for 2016 predictions!
Dudders is calling for pet communication technology in 2016.
Chilla is predicting AI advancement outside of apps and developed directly in products.
Will is predicting Apple will be innovators again - something new and interesting for iPhone7.
Doug believes 2016 will bring the first mainstream network podcast TV show.
Cynthia's Holiday PSA: Help parents and grandparents sign up for Netflix this holiday season.
And, in conjunction with her PSA, Cynthia is predicting a switch to a Netflix-like platform in general.
Sorg is making a bold prediction that tablets will outsell PCs in 2016.
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