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Episode 266: AwesomeCast 268: Forcetouching a Mouse

September 29th, 2015

This week on Awesomecast 268, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

We're showing our shiny new iPhone6s - as in we each have a new toy this week.
Tip from AJ: Put your iPhone6 face down to avoid "Hey Siri" response when it's inconvenient.
Talking iPhone6s features.
Talking live motion photos on iPhone6s
Faster response time with iPhone6s touch ID for unlocking the phone. But, is it too fast?
Selfieflash is a thing with iPhone6s - We've warned you.
For iPhone6s cases make sure it has a lip. (That's what adds protection to your screen when your phone drops.)
Listening to Chilla's thoughts about app thinning. There's some debate. How much phone do we need?
Force touch mouse on the iPhone6s. It's MAGIC!
New Nexus phones came out today! Nexus 5X is happening for our non-fruit fans.
Android Marshmallow discussion about s'more to love. (Thanks Android for giving us that one.)
Nexus is a good line of phones. And, the new ones work with all carriers!
Chilla's breaking down some thoughts on Android Marshmallow. Tune in for what he thinks about their security.
Google has an Android based Pixel C tablet. We're checking it out now.
We're taking a turn from phones and tablets to talk Chromecast
We're sharing our thoughts about the new Chromecast design - that just hangs. But, it's colorful!
Chromecast Audio has our interests piqued.
Blackberry Priv to launch this year. It's still relative because there is a market for folks who want a keyboard.
White House announces broadband is a core utility and should be available to everyone - like power and water.
We're holding off on our VR discussion so we can have a larger discussion when Chilla joins us back in Studio A next week. Tune in!
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