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Episode 262: Awesomecast 263: Awesome Things Across the Millennia

August 25th, 2015

This week on Awesomecast 263, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

Sorg's Awesome Thing of the Week is hitting up chat roulette with a live-action zombie shooter!
Chachi is playing catch-up this week. He's been out of touch for the Little League World Series. For once, you can tell HIM what's new.
Want to check out the chat roulette zombie game?
Awesome Thing of the Week Chilla edition: iPhone as a DSLR with the D X O - one
Our guest PGHPodcast's Awesome Thing of the Week is Blackberry! Blackberry is going to make a comeback, no seriously
Chilla thinks there's enough pent-up demand for a QWERTY keyboard. So much that there is an overlay. (And why Blackberry is a thing.)
Chachi is crossing the streams with Insert Coin to Begin with his Awesome Thing of the Week discussion of WiiU. Bottom line: Give Nintendo your money.
Next to the WiiU, Chachi is talking about his new Chrome Book.
The App of the Week is Giphy Cam. They want to be the Instagram of GIFs. And, they're awesome!
We're finding out Chachi has spent a lot of money lately. In addition to the WiiU and Chrome Book, he's talking about Soda Stream!
Happy Birthday Windows 95! One more year and you'll be legal to drink. 20 Years of Windows 95! The Verge
Sorg is remembering his Windows 95 ICP theme and its amazing sounds.
Google has a shiny new router to fix complicated wifi. And, it's only $200!
Encarta 98 Mindmaze is a thing we're discussing #AwesomeThingsAcrossTheMillennia
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