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Episode 252: Awesomecast 252: Apple and the Pretty Hate Machine

June 9th, 2015

We'll be talking a lot about Apple on today's show with Chilla and AJ - and they're IN STUDIO enjoying some Slice on Broadway pizza!

Checking out OS X El Capitan.

We're watching AJ teaching Sorg the magic of "apple + spacebar" command. It's magical.

Did you know Google Photos is searchable by date?

Is touchscreen on the horizon for Apple computers? Currently there is a third party option, but Chilla thinks it's coming from IOS soon.

IOS has new features in notes. Like Evernote? IOS has took note. El Capitan updates will make notes more useful.

Apple Maps will be integrating transit schedules. Will you still use Google Now or another transit app?

This looks like a clean-up year for IOS. And, it will be glorious once the kinks get fixed.

Swift is now 2.0 and opensource!

IOS and Mac developer programs are now the same, and include Apple Watch development.

Ever notice your apps are huge with all the platform assets for all the things? Apps will pull for what platform you're actually using.

Thing we just learned: 3GS replacements were still a thing until recently.

Shout out to everyone who has all the preinstalled iPhone apps you never use in a folder just taking up space.

Talking about Apple Watch pairing process.

News outlets can register their RSS feed on Apple News to provide content for the Apple Watch.

Articles without ads? Apple News is utilizing a FlipBoard approach for their news app.

Siri gets more #GoogleNow and swipe right functionality.

Native watch apps will help Apple Watch speed, and that's just one of the updates on the horizon.

Battery life in Apple Watch is pretty decent. Chilla approves.

Smart folks at #Apple have a nightstand mode for Apple Watch. It stretches the time to a sideways view so it is legible - on a nightstand.

Mid June expectation for in-store purchase of Apple Watch. If you didn't pre-order yours, there's hope!

Dre and Trent Reznor - Apple folks - as in, they work with Apple. Pretty Hate Machine

Public betas of OS - a thing Apple is doing. How do you think this is going to go over with the masses?


Smaller updates = less space to run IOS. Good job Apple

Apple made an Android app "Move to IOS" - transfers your Android over to an IOS phone. Free apps get downloaded. Pay apps go to wishlist.

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