Awesomecast 156: Fabulous Skelator Wedding

Episode 156 · July 2nd, 2013 · 58 mins 41 secs

About this Episode

Another thrilling edition of Awesomecast is here! This time we are not chilling in the dark on our Iphones! Our guests this week are Cynthia Closkey from, John Carman and the always lovable Cha Chi!

Cynthia starts out discussing Say The Same Thing by the band OK GO! The goal of the game is to think of the same word as the person you are playing with. If you would like to play it, play with Cynthia at ccloskey!
Sorg brought up invisible headphones that can be implanted into your ears! Cha Chi brings up the social implications if ear phones like these become the norm!
John talks about JB dubs, a formally trained dancer with some â??alternativeâ?? dancing videos you can find on video. Check them out!
Cha Chi brings up Avenger Alliance, a game he really enjoys via Facebook, but then brings up something not so awesome; Google's Music. He has been able to use it on his computer, but not on the phone. Much like Spotify.
Cynthia and the gang discuss Google Reader going under. Sorg brings up Feedly, which has some sync issues but overall has been a good alternative. Cha Chi, the self proclaimed â??Feedly Hipsterâ?? waits patiently to air his grievances with Feedly, and also discuss what would make him stop using the internet.
Alex Kahrs provided us info about which can install on your mobile phone and can give you nice extras when it recognizes songs or certain vibrations. Somehow this transitions to talk about the movie â??classicâ?? Josie and the Pussycats.
The gang discusses Ifixit's Iphone 5 liberation kit. It is a way to fix your own phone and until July 5th you can receive this by only having to pay shipping and handling.
Next up, the gang looks at an article about hands free texting, and how it is not a safe alternative. John Carman and Cha Chi both believe if you are going out that way, go out big! Seriously though, do not take selfies!
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